The Theories of Marshall McLuhan

Project The Theories of Marshall McLuhan

Here is a link to my project document.

Jonathan Gardner


3 thoughts on “The Theories of Marshall McLuhan

  1. Just commenting to correct the assertion in my project that the channels on TV in the 1960s were a few with mostly news. In reality, TV in the 1960s was mostly entertainment, therefore making the genres on television very comparable between now and the 1960s.


  2. Jon, I’m going to admit I had to read your article several times to grasp a few of the concepts. McLuhan seems to have been very perceptive with his evaluation of the people’s motivations to enjoy certain mediums. As you observed on how you watch tv mainly for sports, every person has their own reason to escape into the media medium of their choice.

    Do you think this is why propaganda techniques through television or related mediums seem to be effective? Using the example of television political ads, people tend to become so engrossed with a particular tv program that they thoroughly watch all the advertisements presented to them. A lot of the time this can include political campaigns or suggestions that appear to work, even if only through subliminal messaging. What are your thoughts on this?


  3. Personally, I do think ads on television or the internet (especially political ads) are quite effective because TV and internet are cool media which require more participation from the user. So presenting arguments in these media are often effective at promoting a cause, since politics are so polarizing. As best I can tell, that is how I would interpret McLuhan’s opinions on this topic.


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