What Would The Superbowl Be Without Ad Campaigns?

Morgan Manfre

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Superbowl Commercial Youtube:

Doritos Ad Winner:



6 thoughts on “What Would The Superbowl Be Without Ad Campaigns?

  1. This was a great topic. I like how you did a Prezi Project instead of the typical written piece. I also like how you had the interactive part to your project with the Survey Monkey.

    I was wondering what your opinion may be about the future of ads and the Superbowl?

    In my opinion, with regards to whether they have an anti- superbowl ads, I think it is possible. With the impact and popularity of social media, a lot of companies may believe that it may be enough to have successful ad campaigns. However, I think that a part of the Superbowl tradition is the ads. 364 days of the year, most of America hates commercials, but that one day a year people actually watch the game JUST to see the ads. Companies may think that saving that 4.3 million dollars is worth it, but it’s so much a part of the Superbowl experience that I think it could possibly hurt the companies if they try to run anti-superbowl ads. Suddenly they don’t become a part of a traditions, suddenly they are just running a regular ad.


  2. It seems that in the last few years, the number of entertaining or funny commercials have decreased tremendously. As a pure football fan, commercials annoy me and really take away from the game, however they are completely necessary to keep this event incredibly profitable. So when they run commercials during the Super Bowl that have this great reputation and they are not entertaining, they really annoy and disappoint me. There may be research that suggests that funny commercials don’t sell products, but that is specifically what I’m looking for if I watch the commercials at all without muting them. So if the commercials continue to not be entertaining or previewed online, I can see the anti-Super Bowl ad movement grow as people won’t pay as much attention to Super Bowl ads if their reputation continues to diminish.


  3. What is your opinion on companies releasing commercials intended for the Superbowl a few days or weeks early? Some of my family members watch the Superbowl specifically for the commercials and want to the latest and greatest ad campaigns. I think that releasing them early might reduce the shock value or the anticipation of seeing new commercials, especially for those looking for never-before-seen kind of ads.


  4. Great project! I absolutely love Superbowl ads, so this was a great read. I find the price of airtime to be astonishing, but it seems to be well worth it!!! You included a statement from Forbes that said ads sometimes are discussed years down the road after airing; I remember a Doritos commercial from the year that the Saints won the Superbowl and it is still one of my favorite commercials to this day! Do you think that releasing the commercials ahead of time is beneficial? Before I understood football, I watched the Superbowl solely to see the commercials. As for your Survey Monkey question, I had never even heard of that being a possibility. Thinking about it in simple terms, I do think that there will be more anti-superbowl ads simply because of the fact that every object of success is met with criticism and opposition.


  5. On the same thought as the above comments, if more advertisers were to release commercials early wouldn’t it hurt the companies in the end? Those who tune into the game solely to see the immensely popular advertisements that everyone will be talking about would just watch them on Youtube without ever turning on the TV. Those viewers will likely not see their commercial when it airs on the television since they already have seen it, decreasing their audience number that they paid $4.5 million for. Airing Superbowl commercials weeks early is just so ridiculous to me. At that point, how can you consider it to be a “Superbowl commercial”? It just becomes a regular old ad and with that comes the negative connotations that our society associates with them.


  6. I thought the concept of the Anti-Superbowl Ad Campaign was very interesting! Do you know of any other companies that have taken a similar approach toward this campaign in addition to Esurance?


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