Black Entertainment Television

Black Entertainment Television

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4 thoughts on “Black Entertainment Television

  1. As I researched Robert Johnson, I learned that he was the first African-American billionaire. It’s interesting to me that it took until 2002 for the first African-American billionaire to arise.


  2. Thank you for that. That was simply a mistake/typo on my part. My source does state that he was the first African American billionaire, not millionaire. I apologize for the mistake! I find it interesting as well, but of course the number of black billionaires has constantly been on the rise since then.


  3. Terri, why do you think BET was so successful in targeting a niche audience? Like was it simply a large need for black-oriented TV or was it something more along the lines of their marketing, strategy, etc…


    1. Ari, I think it was the fact that it was essentially unprecedented. Before BET, I am not sure that there were any stations that were broadcasting programs for a black audience. I did not see much about their marketing playing a role in their success. All of my research stated that it was because of the fact that there was such a large demand for it. Now, strategy could have played a role if you count the fact that their strategy was targeting a certain demographic. Thank you for the question!


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